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We are located on beautiful
Rushmore Lake in Bluffield, MA.

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Shrinkwrap reservations
Making your shrinkwrap reservations now for the fall season.
Vehicle Storage
We offer storage for your vehicle away from the harsh Minnesota elements. Contact us for more information.
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Campground weather
Find out the EXACT current weather conditions at Rushmore Campgrounds. Our onsite weather monitoring facility updates every 10 minutes with the current weather at Rushmore.

Welcome to Rushmore Campground!

Rushmore Campground is a seasonal campground located on West Rushmore Lake near Bluffield, MA.

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Summer is in full swing
Enjoy your time here at the lake.

Holiday choices   Services Offered
Vehicle shrink wrapping and storage are just a few of the service we provide. Click below for a full list.
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Local Rushmore Campground Weather
  Receive realtime* weather reports directly from our campground by visiting our weather page. Rushmore Campground has on-site facilities to measure the exact weather at our location at any time.

click here to view the current weather conditions

* weather reports may be delayed by 15 minutes

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